Phara Farm Arabians

Welcome to Phara Farm Arabians

Lewisfield Sun God, the inspiration behind the Phara Farm Arabians breeding program!Phara Farm is a little jewel of a horse farm hidden in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. Small breeders often produce the very best in the breed, simply because the use of a small gene pool necessitates extreme care in breeding selections and in the care of the horse.

Horses at Phara Farm are fifth and sixth generation breeding of the Phara Arabian bloodlines.

All of our horses are linebred to the legendary Lewisfield Sun God, exemplifying the intriguing appeal of the most classic of Crabbet descendents.

Respect, care, and individual attention are our core values in our every day handling.

Across the world, the Phara Farm Arabian is known for its many shades of golden coat coloring and their extreme type.

Aerial view of Phara Farm, located in Wallace, CA.

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