Golden Painting

The ‘Golden Painting’ and The Perfect Model, Burgundy Sun

Capturing an Arabian perfectly in art is a lifetime achievement, breeding the perfect Arabian in real life is legendary! ~ Angela Latimer

Phara Farm proudly presents our most recent ad, featuring a Burgundy Sun painting by artist Janice Darr Cua. Both pages depict just how spectacularly special our Dark Star, Burgundy Sun, truly is! Descending from 5 generations of Annette’s vision come to life in each individual….from Golden Pharao, to Golden Reflection, to Sun God Reflection and to Burgundy’s sire, Eclipse of the Sun. Each stallion was the finest representative of their generation for what an Arabian horse should be in all things, from form to function to ability as well as heart, willingness and intelligence!

Golden Painting of Burgundy Sun by Janice Darr Cua

Last Updated: April 4th, 2018